Welcome to my personal website, I'm Jose Carmona (k-ant), conceptual digital artist.
Here you will find information about my biography and more representative works.
I work on concepts, the synthesis of the face, body, objects, ideas and landscapes made from a simple, colorful and somewhat fun look with a conceptual touch. Part of my work is dedicated to the exploration of other artistic languages with new digital techniques, always trying to incorporate some concept to the meaning of the work.
In some of my collections I use repetition as a representation of the spirit of our time, internet and networks full of objects and statistics in which successful models are repeated and cloned to infinity, overflowing the networks with mimetic content. This idea materializes in my works as an effect, which far from provoking rejection, is fascinating, it is the same fascination that produces us to contemplate the excess of what we like in the media. Nothing is enough for us.
My work is printed on canvas or high quality photographic paper and is also available as CDA (Certified Digital Art).. All my works are unique pieces.
I currently have work exhibited at the gallery Babel Arte, Murcia (Spain).


This video represents the relationship between my daily life and Art.


Art is not a copy of reality, it is the discovery of reality itself.
Javier Cerezo


Are my works made with Artificial Intelligence?
I don`t use the AI you can find on the internet to make my works. I make my drawings with a mouse and graphic design applications and with a series of applications that I have programmed myself (a kind of graphic plugins), I convert those ..[Go >>]
Exhibition of "mosaic" works dedicated to Rosalía at the Babel gallery
From today 6th October the gallery Babel exhibits a series of 6 works from the "mosaic" collection dedicated to the singer Rosalía. These pieces are a kind of fusion between the current vision of Rosalía with my work represented in small ..[Go >>]
7 works selected in different national contests in 2023
In 2023 seven of my works have been selected in the following national painting and drawing contests in 2023: - Work "Mare Tranquillitatis 02" selected in the XXXVII Jaén Painting Prize Emilio Ollero. - Work "Cervantes multitud 01" selec ..[Go >>]
Printed catalog of works "mensajesdesdeelcaos" available
Available the catalogue "mensajesdesdeelcaos" with my latest works and reflections on contemporary art and internet. You can order yours now through the contact form on this website.
Witnesses of the age of excess
When in 2018 concluded the 1st Art for Beans Contest, What is Art, all participants agreed on one thing: Art is basically an act of communication. Parallel to that I have continued experimenting since then with content generated automatic ..[Go >>]
Tribute to the Beatles at the Babel Gallery
Today Babel Gallery tributes to the Beatles with these works dedicated to the album "Sgt Pepper`s Lonely Hearts Club Band", consisting of four panels printed on canvas measuring 70 x 140 cm with the image versioned in spot colors of each ar ..[Go >>]
The future of the artist and communication in the AI internet
The greatest achievement of our era is not artificial intelligence, but to have educated a civilization, so lacking in any human reference, that the simple accumulation of encyclopedic data seems to be a sign of intelligence. The future of ..[Go >>]
Article published by Artmajeur on Instagram about my work "Lucie 03"
This article about my work "Lucie 03" has been published today on Instagram by Art website, as well as placing the work in the highlights of their home page: "Jose Carmona`s portrait, the result of a purely #digital artistic ..[Go >>]
Is it a good idea to buy NFTs?
Is it a good idea to buy NFTs? I will start by answering another question that seems to be the same, but it is not, and for this question I do have a clear answer: Is it a good idea to invest in NFTs? The answer is NO. An NFT (if you ask ..[Go >>]