The future of the artist and communication in the AI internet

The greatest achievement of our era is not artificial intelligence, but to have educated a civilization, so lacking in any human reference, that the simple accumulation of encyclopedic data seems to be a sign of intelligence.
The future of content created by AI (Artificial Intelligence) that I already raised in the book "SYSTEM ERROR (NOARTIST Manual)", in 2019, has already materialized in the creation of several platforms that allow us (paying) to create images using AI, writing short descriptions the AI generates images. The platforms have raised it as experimental content. The truth is that years ago, as I commented in my book, AI is generating content for networks, flooding the chats, creating web pages, audiobooks, even writing them massively, the latter is a personal opinion because no publisher has yet announced that it is selling books generated by AI, the reason is that no one is interested in reading books written by AI, do you sit at your computer to chat with Google? Did you know that it can do it? Nobody is interested in chatting with a machine, or with a wall, although there are some people who do it, the normal thing is to want to talk or interact with other people, what is the point of wasting time in a chat with robots, another thing is that we are being fooled (as I know it is happening) and we think we are chatting with other people when the truth is that we are doing it with machines, without knowing for sure the interest of the creators of these artificial forums, which surely are human and surely have some interest in it (which we of course do not know).
That is already happening with most of the digital content platforms that advertise on Google, such as Opensea, Twitter, Instagram, etc..
But if publishers don`t dare to confess that they are already selling books created with AI why then have platforms been recently created that allow content creation as images and supposed Art. The reason is that they have taken advantage of the quality of the current Art in which everything is allowed and it is not very well known what is Art to launch this type of content, because the platforms that are dedicated to creating uses with AI are very interested in doing so because they seek to occupy a predominant position in the race to dominate the market, as Google has done, since the one that dominates the market will impose its rules and exclude the rest, as Google does, or does Google allow its content to be automatically tracked when they do it indiscriminately with all our content? We do not confuse Google with the internet, the internet is not Google, what happens is that it has monopolized the contents of the network in such a way that we think that nothing can exist outside Google, but that is so because we have allowed a company to monopolize all our content in exchange for nothing.
Modern Art, unlike literature, is basically aesthetic, there is no concept behind it, that is why AI has found its first public way to manifest itself through images, those who create images of this type will tell you, isn`t this Art, can`t anything be Art, why not this too, of course knowing the current state of Art we would have to agree with the servant of AI or Google, but it will bother you to do so, why? If you think a little you will find the reason, the reason why we are bothered by the contents created by AI is that everything that human beings do has an intentionality and the fundamental intentionality of the communicating activity is to communicate with other human beings, if we talk to a robot we do not satisfy this fundamental principle of communication. When we concluded the first Art for Beans contest and asked all the artists who participated, What is Art for you? we got many different definitions, but we all agreed on one thing: The main function of Art is to communicate, if you do not communicate it is not Art, I already warned in my first definition of Art of the consequences of creating Art for oneself, the main one is madness and you do not know how far you can go if you talk only with yourself, which is the same as talking alone or with machines.
That is the future of AI, the end of communication, because the contents created with AI are aesthetically more satisfying than those created by humans, since we are teaching AI to make those contents more visually attractive than those created by humans, but there is no intentionality in it, there is no concept behind it. Anyway, AI has been creating textual contents for a long time now, since they can also be generated in a way that they are more aesthetically pleasing to humans than those created even by humans themselves, i.e., we could perfectly put an AI to create descriptions to generate pleasing images by another AI and thus create beautiful works of Art automatically. This is already happening, but for such images to be accepted by humans they must be endorsed by other humans, that is, there is an army of so-called creators who think (they believe so) that they are generating works of Art with AI, some are sold hiding to the buyer that they have been generated by AI, others are accepted by the buyer with the promise of the seller that this is Art, but the seller does it only for money because he knows that this work could have been generated entirely by the AI without the mediation of a creator.
That human collaboration, in a work created with AI, is totally masked is demonstrated by the fact that when we refer to this work we only mention that it has been created by AI, it does not matter the name of the human artist who has given the instructions to create the work, nor will the AI keep a place for the mention of the human artist who has instructed it, nor will history remember it, it will be another merit only for AI and time lost for the human artist.
That is the next step expected by the corporations that are developing the different AIs that are competing now, that the human public will directly accept the creations of the AI without human mediation, then we will consider extinct all possibility of human communication and it will only be possible to communicate through the AI that has won the current race for positioning, and its creators will be the ones who decide what should be communicated and who can do it, of course everything will be for money and in exchange for power.
Human communication is already impossible in the Google AI model internet, because as the network is flooded with content automatically generated by the AI (the only sense of the existence of the AI is to create spam engines that flood the network posing as human generated content) whose effectiveness is based on the amount of content and a simple statistic, if you are able to automatically generate more content, passing it off as human generated content, than your competitor then you will have statistics that are more effective than your competitor, that your competitor then you will have statistically more chances that someone human reads them, that is, mass communication (reaching a large part of the public) will no longer make sense, but mass communication, flooding the Google network with millions of versions of a message to reach a few people, as a result we have the Google AI network flooded with spam that impersonates human content where human content has no chance of reaching anyone, because human communication no longer makes sense in this network, but only commercial communication.
Conclusion, AI content has displaced all authentically human content on the AI internet and therefore human communication is no longer possible on Google. It`s been that way for a while now, but now you have the evidence too.